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Microman Batman
Micro Action Series.

    1:32 Scale with Die Cast parts.

    Masterpiece Beast Wars  - Megatron Now in Stock!
    Organic life is often hidden, sometimes overcome, but seldom extinguished.

    Masterpiece Bumblebee 
    The least likely can be the most dangerous.

    Masterpiece Delta Magnus

    Masterpiece Exhaust

    Lancia Stratos Turbo.

    Masterpiece Grapple
    Where there’s smoke, there’s me.

    Masterpiece Inferno
    Where there’s smoke, there’s me.

    Masterpiece Road Rage
    Horn broken, watch for magnabomb. Oh, and finger.

    Masterpiece Shockwave
    Clarity of thought before rashness of action.

    Masterpiece Sunstreaker
    They can't beat the best!

    Masterpiece Tracks
    Looking good is what life is all about.

    Masterpiece Wheeljack  - Back in Stock!
    Never do what your enemy expects you to do.

    Play Station Optimus Prime / Megadrive Megatron
    Original Play Station / 16-Bit

    Super GT Mission Series
    Nissan GT-R.